How To Become A Member

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Here's what you need to join...

  • 2 forms of National ID
  • 1 form of proof of address e.g. Utility Bill
  • 1 Recent Job Letter (no more than 1 month old)
  • 1 Recent Payslip (no more than 1 month old)
  • Registration Package Fee $150.00 

     NB. Our Registration Package fee consists of the following: - 

  • $20.00 Registration fee
  • $30.00 Initial Share Deposit
  • $100.00 Initial Application Fee for our VISA Debit Card 

     Special Notes for completing the application form: - 

  • Complete the application form using all capital letters (eg. FRED JONATHAN)
  • Social Security Number: if you do not have one, enter all 1’s (eg. 111-11-1111)

Start your application process online!

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  • In the absence of a 2nd form of picture ID (i.e. National ID, Passport or Driver’s Permit), your National Birth Certificate will be accepted.
  • For minors (16 years and under), a Parent/Guardian will be required to sign up on behalf of the child. This individual will be required to fill out a supplementary form assigning authorization to a prescribed party to operate the account. The child will be able to fully manage his/her account from the age of 16, once they can provide a valid picture ID (National ID or Passport).
  • In accordance with local FIU requirements, Proof of Address is required to be in your name.  In the absence of same, you will be required to obtain a letter of authorization from the person whose name the property/bills are under (eg. Landlord, Parent, relative, etc) to use their documentation along with a copy of their ID.
  • The nomination of a Beneficiary is not mandatory but it is recommended. A beneficiary MUST be at least 18 years or older. You will be required to walk with a copy of your beneficiary’s ID should you choose to appoint one at time of application. (Please note that you can opt to change/add your beneficiary at a later time.