Become A Member

Becoming a member of Works Credit Union is EASY!

We are an Open Bond Credit Union which means that ANYONE CAN JOIN. The terms of membership can be referred to in our Bye Laws, Article No. 5.1
Fill out our Official Membership Form and bring together with the list of required original documents to the branch nearest you.
Your Application will be reviewed and submitted for approval in accordance with our Bye Laws, Article No. 5.2
You will be informed of your approval via SMS notification, email or correspondence sent by TTPOST mailing service.

At which point you will be eligible to fully access all the benefits of being a member of Works Credit Union!

Want to Join?

Sign-Up requirements:

  • 2 forms of National ID
  • 1 form of proof of address e.g. Utility Bill
  • 1 Recent Job Letter (no more than 1 month old)
  • 1 Recent Payslip (no more than 1 month old)
  • Registration Package Fee $150.00 

     NB. Our Registration Package fee consists of the following: - 

  • $20.00 Registration fee
  • $30.00 Initial Share Deposit
  • $100.00 Initial Application Fee for our VISA Debit Card 


  • In the absence of a 2nd form of picture ID (i.e. National ID, Passport or Driver’s Permit), your National Birth Certificate will be accepted.
  • For minors (16 years and under), a Parent/Guardian will be required to sign up on behalf of the child. This individual will be required to fill out a supplementary form assigning authorization to a prescribed party to operate the account. The child will be able to fully manage his/her account from the age of 16, once they can provide a valid picture ID (National ID or Passport).
  • In accordance with local FIU requirements, Proof of Address is required to be in your name.  In the absence of same, you will be required to obtain a letter of authorization from the person whose name the property/bills are under (eg. Landlord, Parent, relative, etc) to use their documentation along with a copy of their ID.
  • The nomination of a Beneficiary is not mandatory but it is recommended. A beneficiary MUST be at least 18 years or older. You will be required to walk with a copy of your beneficiary’s ID should you choose to appoint one at time of application. (Please note that you can opt to change/add your beneficiary at a later time.

How to use downloadable Membership Application Form:

  1. Open the form in Adobe Acrobat Reader (Version 10 or older).
  2. Select “Fill and Sign” Option
  3. Fill ALL sections by placing the cursor in each section to activate the text box
  4. If you have access to a printer, print completed form on letter-size paper (8 ½” x11”) and bring with you to the nearest branch along with the required supprting documents OR
  5. If you don’t have a printer you can save the filled version of the form to your computer and email as an attachment to