The Midstreamers Club is a Social and Recreational Retirees Club where members meet on the second Monday of each month. Shareholders of the Credit Union who are 50 years and over or retired can become a Midstreamer member.

The Club has been in existence for the past 20 years and is under the umbrella of the Education Committee. Its objective is for members to maximize their investments wisely while remaining actively involved in the Credit Union. Members enjoy leisure time and social activities on a regular basis and also make donations to charitable organizations.

The benefits of being a Midstreamer are:

  • Higher interest rates on fixed deposits
  • No service charges on products and services
  • Free T.T.A.R.P. membership
  • Preferred attention in all Credit Union activities
  • Free annual outing
  • Recreational activities
  • Birthday Club
  • Carnival Lime
  • Christmas Luncheon

The Midstreamers are the beacon of the Credit Union and the envy of most similar organizations. We welcome new members in the “Spirit of Unity and Love”. You can become a member of this VIP social club by registering at any one of our offices or filling out the form online.

Terms of Membership:

In order to obtain a Midstreamers Membership all individuals are required to acknowledge and abide by the following Terms of Membership:

  • Must be fifty or older, fun or willing to have some fun.
  • Must embrace charity and or community service.
  • Must be willing to wear the very stylish Midstreamers t-shirts to all functions so as to be recognized by other Midstreamers and to attract potential members.
  • Midstreamers support a Smoke Free Environment.
  • All users of the Midstreamers Message Boards shall agree to comply with the Midstreamers Message Board rules of usage posted at the entrance to the Message Boards.
  • These terms and conditions are subject to amendment without prior notice.