Pre-Registration FAQ for the 63rd AGM

We have put together the following FAQ to answer potential questions about registering for the 63rd Annual General Meeting of Works Credit Union which is carded for Saturday, June 11 2022. This should give our valued members some guidance in completing the pre-registration process as well as accessing the portal. 

As indicated in the Notice of the Meeting, the event is a hybrid of both in-person and virtual attendance however it is important to note that due to ongoing concerns of public health and safety we will only be accepting a limited number of persons at each venue in keeping with recommended meeting protocols of the credit League. 

Q: How do I secure my seating at the venue if I want to attend in person. 

A: Since the allowance for in-person is limited, we are encouraging the majority of members to opt for the virtual option. Members will be able to "reserve" their seat at the venue by indicating so on the pre-registration portal, however, please note that the portal will only accept up to the recommended number of seats at each location. Once the maximum number of seats are filled the portal will indicate that only virtual attendance is available. We appeal to members to only select the in-person option if you are sure you will be attending.

Q: Do I need an email address to register?

A: Yes it is mandatory. This is so that your unique access code and link to the livestream can be sent to you privately. This is for both in-person and virtual attendees.

Q: What if I don't have an email address, how will I be able to receive my login information?

A: Unfortunately, for security reasons each member must have their own email address for virtual attendance. Keep your login information safe until the day of the meeting.

Q: I registered but I did not receive my email confirmation, how do I get this rectified?

A: Please note that the confirmation is not sent immediately as the back-end team has to approve the incoming registrations one by one however if you have not received it within 24 hours and you have checked your spam folder you can email to have your registration confirmation sent to you.

Q: I have multiple persons in my home who are members but our devices are limited. How do we all get to participate as individuals and vote as separate individuals?

A: In the case of households with multiple persons who are members that want to participate, make sure to register each person separately on the pre-registration portal. One email address can be used to receive all the login IDs for each person in the home. On the day of the meeting, open a meeting portal for each individual on separate browser tabs of your device. These tabs must remain open in the background while viewing can be done from one of the tabs. However, please note any contributions to the meeting by any member of the household MUST be done from their specific portal. Each member can switch to their specific browser tab to vote when voting has started.

Q: Can a delinquent member attend the Meeting?

A: Please be advised that only members in good financial standing are allowed to access our Annual General Meeting as indicated in our Society's Bye-Law 12.1. To update or query your financial status, kindly contact the office at 226-4928 ext. 1011 or 1012