New Charges/Fees on VISA Debit Card Transactions

With the recent conversion of our International VISA Debit Card to Chip and Contactless Technology, we have been advised by our co-brand partner, JMMB, that there is to be an introduction of transaction fees/service charges for specific transactions effective September 1, 2021.

The following fees will apply: -


We take this opportunity to remind members that using your WCU VISA Debit Card for point-of-sale transactions helps your Credit Union earn commission on each transaction. Increased income to the credit union translates to higher annual Dividend returns to you, our valued members.

If you already have an active card with us and have not yet received your new Chip and PIN, Contactless Card card, please contact the Operations Department at the Head Office, 226-4WCU(4928) extension 1032 or 1022 to confirm that the card is available. Alternatively, feel free to email us via or directly message us via any of our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram only).