Membership Card/ Remote Deposits

Works Credit Union presents our new 

Membership Information Card!

Keep your membership information at your fingertip in your wallet or your purse!

No more fumbling around for an old receipt or statement you probably dumped ages ago to remember your account number.

NOTE: This card can be presented to our cashiers along with your valid picture ID but cannot be used alone.


What information will the card contain?

  1. Your full name – as it appears on our system and/or your national ID
  2. Your unique 8-digit Membership Account Number
  3. Your PAYWISE reference number*

NOTE: A small processing fee of $5.00 will apply for new cards and $10.00 for replacement cards.


Membership paywise facility

*What is PAYWISE?

Works Credit Union has signed onto this facility which now enables you to make deposits to your WCU Account via any NLCB Lotto booth/Agent nationwide! While any member can utilise the facility, this is to bridge the gap for o-t-c members who are unable to come to our flagship branch offices to make their monthly payments.

Who can Benefit from this facility?

  • Members who live in remote areas and cannot make regular trips to our flagship office locations to service their accounts.
  • Members who have accessed the micro-business facility and are constrained by their self-run business to find time off necessary to service their accounts.
  • Anyone who needs to make a deposit to their account quickly to get lump sum cash off their hands.

This helps us combat delinquency and tardy payments by members whose circumstances may prevent them from coming to our offices

How does it Work?

  1. Member goes to Lotto agent and provides them with their unique PAYWISE reference number (ref: membership card) along with the cash to deposit plus an applicable $5.00 transaction fee.
  2. Lotto agent completes the transaction and provides the member with a payment receipt which is to be kept safe until payment is verified by WCU.
  3. Transaction notification is received by WCU.
  4. WCU verifies receipt of cash (this can take up to 2 days)
  5. Payment is posted to member’s WCU account accordance with their standing order allocations (i.e. shares, loans, etc.).


  • If the member sends more than the amount recorded in our standing order, the excess will be placed on a deposit on hold until member contacts the CU to verify where to allocate said amount.
  • If the member does not have a standing order on record the payment will be placed on members deposit account unless otherwise instructed by the member.
  • If a member sends less than the allocations recorded, please note that our system will allocate payments taking interest first, then applying the rest to the loan (where a loan payment is applicable).
  • WCU sends an SMS notification to member to confirm receipt of payment.