What our customers are saying..
  • When my son sat SEA last year i was so proud and so was he to be an awardee at works. they have consistantly help me with his education as a single parent i am truly greatful to Works C.U and i was also able to purchase my vehicle last year too. Thanks W.C.U.

  • When my wife died suddenly I couldn’t think straight. My two children looked towards me for comforting; the employees at Works helped me get through that difficult time in my life. With my Family Indemnity Plan coverage my Credit Union assisted me with the necessary paper work and I’m forever grateful to them for recommending the insurance. Thank You Works!!!!

  • I visited your office on Dundonald Street, POS and noticed that some upgrades were taking place. I am pleased to see my Credit Union coming up to the times and improving its environment for us the members. I look forward to seeing the completed work.

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